Wadden – the “Strange” Beach of the Netherlands

Wadden beach

When talking about Netherlands, almost tourists think about wonderful barley field and amazing tulip flowers but Wadden beach is also the special gift of nature giving the land. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit the beautiful land, tourists should spend the time to visit special and unique Wadden beach.

Amazing Wadden beach 

Wadden is a large area of UNESCO recognized world heritage, including flat beaches and vast marshes stretching from the Netherlands to Germany and to Denmark. In the Netherlands, this area is characterized by the expanses of marshy and open wetlands, tide-like trenches and beautiful sandy islands. Normally, Wadden Beach is underwater, but twice a day, when the tide recedes, the vast muddy stretches up to 15km. his is one of the intertidal zones (see wetlands at high tide) that are scarce on earth. It is the reason why the place is considered as the special tourism place in the world. This particular tidal zone has attracted many visitors to the northwestern part of the Netherlands. The simplest thing to do is walk barefoot on the mud as the water recedes. When visiting the place, tourists can wade in wet mud so that the toes are “massaged” naturally and be seen with a lot of marine life stranded. Just for a moment, the Wadden Sea is full of migratory birds, ducks, geese, seagulls and seals for hunting.

Wadden beach
Wadden beach

Furthermore, if you visit the place in the good weather day, you can rent a horse to ride through vast mudflats; of course, they must have a guide along the way because there are many places that are much mired in danger. However, if you travel with kids, you can buy a horse-drawn carriage. The beautiful car more than a dozen seats are always crowded guests to explore the sea famous for its rich flora and fauna.

In addition, the first thing most visitors come to is to rent a bicycle. Texel owns a 135km road system for bicycles and the roads are beautifully landscaped. These arcades connect seven villages; each village is a colorful picture with the unique natural scenery. The island’s eye-catching journey starts in the town of Den Burg in the center of Texel. There are ancient houses interwoven with modern houses, all of which are carefully decorated to please the eyes of tourists. Inside the church, Molenstraat has a glass of color depicting a boat, showing that this land is associated with fishing net long time.

Located far 5km from Den Burg in the east is Oudeschild which is a fishing port developed in the 17th century with the beautiful fishing villages as in the picturesque? The two-way road connecting this lilac blossoming flowers are blossoming, space is filled with a very romantic purple color. Only one Flower Street would have done the group biking more than half an hour. You can stop at the footer of Oudeschild to enjoy activities such as shrimp fishing or water seal on the sea.

Thousand Islands of sand dunes

Wadden beach
Wadden beach

The road from Oudeschild to the village of De Cocksdorp slows down, partly because of strong sea breeze, partly because of counting the sand dunes. The sand dunes are the most wonderful and beautiful in the world with the list of small and big sand dunes. Going out of the white sandy beach, the poetic landscape with the surrounding houses filled with flowers and grass, the entire facade of the red brick houses prominent, including the beautiful benches set in the garden will appear. It is the De Cocksdorp village.

When visiting in the summer season, visitors here are often invited to enjoy fresh fruits harvested in the garden house itself such as strawberry sweet, crispy apples to make people forget to ride a new bike nearly ten miles, again enthusiastic climbing lighthouse. De Cocksdorp has a 150-year-old lighthouse, 45 meters high. From here, we get a panoramic view of the beautiful island, even the nearby Vlieland Island.

For hundreds of years, Texel was the scene of fierce naval battles and was the last battlefield in Europe during World War II. But now, the island is a peaceful place with unspooling sand dunes, endless beaches, leisurely flocks of sheep and leisure travelers enjoying themselves and nature on bike rides. Therefore, if you want to spend the time to visit the place or other wonderful destinations in Asia, you don’t forget to visit our website Trip Ideals to get more information and useful tips for traveling.