12 Horrible Things Can Ruin Your Trip

The killers hunt at sea

Traveling to a new place is also the most interesting and wonderful things with almost people especially young people because they can explore and learn new things in the place where they want to go. However, besides advantages and amazing things, traveling to strange place also hides dangerous and troubles which you can not think before traveling. They also the cause of change dreaming trip to a nightmare. Therefore, the post will list top 12 common horrible things and useful tips which can make you avoid bad things and have a wonderful trip in a new land.

1 Stealing


Stealing is a global issue. In Thailand, even valuable things, money in the safe can also disappear due to theft. Therefore, you should not bring valuable things when traveling. However, if you have to bring, you should store your valuables in different places and put money on your credit card. Furthermore, you should pay attention to your personal belongings, especially when you are on the beach or stroll through crowded markets. The best way is that you should put valuable things in the hotel or ask the receptionist for taking care.

2 Traffic

Only local people can grasp how traffic rules operate in their local area. Pay close attention and be careful when traveling, ask local people for the correct traffic notes and directions. In addition, when traveling to Asian countries, you should pay more attention to traffic because traffic jam is the hot problem in these countries. You should avoid rush hour to easy for transferring.


3 Jellies, coral, and some colorful fishes

A lot of dangerous and dangerous marine life can include some species of fish, jellyfish, and coral that live in warm waters in tropical countries. When you touch the jellyfish most likely your skin will get irritated. The best way to protect you from these risky coastal residents is to wear special shoes and avoid touching them even when they look extremely cute. In addition, you need to pay attention to important warning signs, such as a red flag placed on the beach, which means “No swimming!”

4 Street foods

Street foods are always the impressive point of each country, so most people when traveling to any country wanting to enjoy street foods in the country. Furthermore, street foods are also considered as the fast and easy way to learn more about culture, especially Asian countries. However, street food can cause some trouble with some people not accustomed to spicy foods and often suffer from digestive disorders. If you do not eat spicy or allergy to any food, you should ask the cook to not spice too much or remove some of the food in your dish.

Street foods
Street foods

5 Water areas splashed on the beach

The waves that can hit you ashore can also travel away from the sea in seconds. If you are caught in this stream, do not try to swim upstream to get back to shore because its swept force is much greater than your strength. Instead, you can swim across the stream parallel to the shore and reach where the current is weak to swim ashore.

6 Mosquito and insect

Mosquitoes infect terrible diseases including the Zika virus, malaria and they are found in most tropical countries. To avoid the danger of death, you do not forget to spray mosquito repellent and insect repellent or insect repellent.

Mosquito and insect
Mosquito and insect

7 Water

Tap water is not safe for consumption in some parts of the world. However, sometimes we forget that stone served in bars is made from the same source of water. It is best to drink bottled water at the shops and supermarkets.

8 Types of plants

Exotic plants can endanger your health. Therefore, avoid touching unfamiliar trees during picnic occasions.

9 Monkeys


The creatures seem to be harmless in some countries like Thailand but in some other countries, they are quite aggressive and even attack visitors for them food. You should remove all jewelry and hide your camera properly when visiting the monkey sanctuary; otherwise, monkeys will not hesitate and boldly steal all that you have.

10 Reptiles

Snake venomous and centipedes are common in tropical and subtropical countries. However, most of them only attack in the case of wanting to defend against danger. Therefore, you should walk carefully, pay attention and never touch them.

11 Sunburn


Excessive sunlight and solar radiation can cause sunburn that damages your skin. Remember to use sunscreen every time you go out. You can also wear light long-sleeved clothing to prevent direct sunlight from entering the skin.

12 The killers hunt at sea

Shark attacks on tourists happen quite often. However, in order to avoid such risks, you do not swim when you have open wounds because blood smells attract sharks. In addition, sharks are color-blind creatures that react to contrasting colors, thus avoiding bright or contrasting swimwear when navigating to shark-warned waters.

Besides these things, tourists can search more on Trip Ideas to know more information and useful tips for avoiding bad things. Hope that you will get amazing time and unforgettable trip in a new land.