10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai

10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai
10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai

Dubai is one of the most attracted and famous city in the world. The city always attracted tourists by special and interesting things which tourists can not find anywhere without the city. Furthermore, after a period of oil-driven development, Dubai aims to build itself as a hub for global leisure and travel. Visitors will discover many surprises about this city. It is the reason why the post will introduce 10 surprises things about the Dubai city.

1 You will rarely meet locals

Emirate people live quite closed and away from the tourist crowded. Usually you will only meet the emirate at customs. If you want to experience indigenous culture, you can go to the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Museum for cooking classes, heritage tours, or traditional dinner. Residents are mainly foreigners, with a 6: 1 ratio compared to the Emirate.

10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai
10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai

2 Most of the city is not as high as we think

Dubai has 1,344 buildings completed, compared with Hong Kong’s 6,606 courts and New York’s 6,188 courts. The city has the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa (828 m). The Dubai Fountain is also not the world’s tallest tower – behind the work of King Fahd in Saudi Arabia. Dubai also has no tallest residential court in the world. Princess Tower of Dubai is only 413 m, losing to 432 Park Avenue 13 m

3 Police drive supercar

With the number of super cars appearing on the streets of Dubai, the police can not ride the old Ford rickshaw. In order to catch up to the offenders, they are equipped with Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, BMW and Bugatti vehicles.

4 “Thank you” Abu Dhabi

Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world in Dubai, will not be finalized without financial support from Abu Dhabi, the Dubai’s neighboring emirate. Prior to its inauguration in 2010, the tower was named Burj Dubai (meaning Tower of Dubai), but was renamed Abu Zubar Abu Zubar al-Khalifa, Abu Dhabi President of UAE. He was the one who helped Dubai escape the quagmire of financial recession.

10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai
10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai

5 Works are not built

Dubai is known for many works beyond human imagination such as artificial islands or record high towers. In addition, the city has many unusual designs not built. In particular, the International Chess City (32 alternating black and white buildings like chessboard), Steven Gerrard or tower Dynamic tower (floors can turn) are projects only on paper.

6 Huge amounts of money are returned

In 2015, a passenger to forget USD$ 45,000 in cash at the toilet at Dubai Airport and has been received. In the first four months of 2016, the Dubai airport received $ 11,500 in cash to forget to pay for the loss. Two $ 43,000 diamond rings were also paid to the police. In October 2016, a taxi driver returned a bag of gold worth more than $ 1 million to passengers forgot.

7 Men are much better than women

Of the 2.5 million people in Dubai, 1.7 million are men, or 70%. This is because most foreigners in Dubai are men who leave their families to work here. Most of the population is between the ages of 25-44.

8 Prince Dubai is a passionate adventurous

Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the son of the emir of Dubai, passionate sports such as parachuting, falconry, scuba diving and so on.  Instagram account of the prince has fewer images to show life flashy, no matter whether it’s a private plane or a celebrity friend, there are times. Mainly sports pictures, photos taken with family.

10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai
10 Surprises Things about Dreaming City-Dubai

9 Pearl City

Prior to travel, Dubai made money from oil. Before the time of oil, fishing, agriculture and diving, pearls were the major economic industries in the desert country. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Dubai Creek was the anchor of more than 300 pearl hunting ships, with more than 7,000 sailors. They dive for about 14 hours a day, from mid-May to early September.

10 You can buy many things from vending machines

Gold ATMs at Dubai Mall can help guests to buy from coin to 24k gold. The machine has a display screen those changes every 10 minutes to keep up with market fluctuations. Go to the Sharaf DG at Times Square Center where you can buy laptops, tablets, cameras and phones from vending machines.

Dubai is a rich city with unique and special things, so spending the time to visit the city always the ideal choice for tourists. Therefore if you want to know more about the city, you can read more at Trip ideal