Top 10 Rare and Expensive Cats in Planet

England Shorthair

Besides wonderful and cute dogs, the cat is one of the most popular and closest to the people in the world. In the United States, cats are the list of animals that are owned and are second closest animals after dogs. Furthermore, there are many different cats in the world, but below are the 10 most expensive cats in the world

1 Ashera cat

Price: USD$15.000- 100.000

In the top of the list is Ashera which is a rare breed of a cat among wild African cats, Asian cats, and domestic cats. They are very intelligent, affectionate and loyal. Ashera is known as “the largest, most rugged, and most exotic cat,” which possesses a “height” of more than 1m and has a bristly tiger fur.

Ashera cat
Ashera cat

2 Savannah cat

Price: USD$1.500- 50.000

Savannah cats are the result of the mating between the Sevral wild cat and the Siamese domestic cat. This cat is characterized by no fear of water and a leopard. They have tall and thin bodies. Although a cat breed, Savannah has a loyal heart of a dog. They are smart enough to play hide and seek with you and close to humans. That is one of the reasons why the price of this cat is so expensive

3 Bengal Cat

Price: USD$1.000- 25.000

The cats have thick, smooth, and impressive tiger fur. These Bengal-looking kangaroos are the result of hybrid kittens. However, you should not worry because the purebred Bengal after 3 generations is very popular, they are like other cats, friendly and fun to play.

Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat

4 “Super Cat” Allerca is not allergenic

Price: USD$6.000

The first cats in the world to be bred so as not to cause allergic reactions to humans. This is also the result of the Allerca Biotech Company that created the cats on a technique called gene isolation.

5 Persian cat

Price: USD$550- 5.500

This is the most famous cat in the list of the 10 most expensive cat species on the planet. Persian cats have faces, short noses and round eyes that look very expressive. Persians are known as “cat cat” because they have two layers of the coat with long outer layer and smooth, inside is a short coat.

Persian cat
Persian cat

6 Peterbald cat

Price: USD$1.200- 5.000

Peterbald is the result of experimental mating between Oriental Shorthair and Donskoy. Cats are almost hairless and seem ugly. However, they are rated as intelligent and human-friendly cats, in harmony with other pets. Furthermore, even if they are not beautiful, their prices also make you “faint”.

7 Blue Russian

Price: USD$400- 3.000

Russian Blue-eyed Cats are said to be very mischievous, curious and intelligent. They are grayish and thick in color. In nature, cats are very gentle and close to children and other pets. They like to stay with the host all day without bothering them.

 Blue Russian
Blue Russian

8 Sphynx

Price: USD$300- 3.000

The eighth in the list is Sphynx (Egyptian mythology). Sphynx is a very common cat and it is very different because it has no hair and has “wrinkled skin”. It even earned the title of “the world’s most horrible cat.” Sphynx cats look “scumbag” and just like brought out from the washing machine. However, in order to own an ugly cat, you will have to pay a very expensive amount, from USD$ 300 – $ 3,000. However, contrary to the ugly look, the Sphynx cat is very friendly and cute.

9 Scottish Fold

Price: USD$200- 3.000

Scottish cat ears are characterized by large, round eyes. At birth, cats have straight ears, but for 3 to 4 weeks, Scottish Fold cats appear folded ears gradually.

Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold

10 England Shorthair

Price: USD$500- 1.500

The 10th most cats in the list are the British Shorthair, one of the shortest-lived (but thickest) cats in Britain. The presence of this cat makes your life and apartment more perfect.

Besides choosing the cat for rising, you should spend time more to learn more about the useful thing and necessary information the way to raise and take care them carefully. Furthermore, if you want to travel with cat, you should read at Trip ideas