9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit

9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit
9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit

It’s no coincidence that health experts recommend “eat as many fruits as possible”. Fruit is a very good source of healthy food with high nutritional content, supplemented with vitamins and minerals while enhancing the body’s resistance to disease. For humans, moreover, it also acts as a pharmacy to help skin beauty and effective hair. However, in fact, most people don’t know how to eat fruit scientifically, so what to pay attention when eating fruit? Please refer to the following article to know the best way to enjoy fruits.

1 Do not eat fruit completely replaced by green vegetables

In fact, some people think that vegetables and fruits are the similar things but each type will provide different nutrition, so they can not replace for each other. Moreover, inorganic vitamins and minerals in fruits can not be equal to vegetables. Therefore, if we eat only fruit and never meet the nutritional needs of the body, normally every day adults need to supplement at least 500g of green vegetables to provide adequate nutrition for the body.

Do not eat fruit completely replaced by green vegetables
Do not eat fruit completely replaced by green vegetables

2 Avoid keeping fruits in the fridge for too long

We usually have a habit of shopping or buying fruit and vegetables for days or weeks, but if we leave these fruits and vegetables in the fridge for too long, it will lose essential nutrients which are important to our body. Therefore, instead of storing the fruits in fridge long time, you should buy fruits and enjoy them when they are fresh.

3 Expensive fruits are not necessarily nutritious

We always think that “what’s the money” means that the fruits are more expensive, nutrition are the higher, especially the imported fruit. However, in fact, it is not so because of the imported fruit, the nutrition in it has been altered during transport. In addition, these fruits are usually picked when they are not ripe and must be used for long-term preservation. Therefore, it is unlikely that imported fruits have high nutritional value.

4 Should not eat fruit to replace rice

Every day our body needs to add about 50 different kinds of nutrients, in particular, it needs about 65g of protein, over 20g of fat per day to sustain life, renew and regenerate organs as well as cell. Fresh fruits, containing 85% water content, less than 1% protein and almost no fat, so fruit, though delicious, can only provide nutritional supplements, should not eat too much and can not replace daily rice.

9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit
9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit

5 Eat fruits is not the ideal way to lose weight

Many women think that the best way to lose weight is to eat less fat but instead eat more fruits but they know that fruits are not calorie-dense foods because most fruits are rich in sugar. This sugar is easy to absorb while the color, taste of the fruit is very attractive, easy to eat we do not know how boring. Therefore, it is the opposite effect.

6 Don’t think that all fruits are good

We should not eat fruit freely as some of the fruits contain a lot of organic acids, tannins or strong catalysts that can damage the digestive tract, causing stomach damage. This is the cause of abdominal distention, abdominal pain and etc. There are special fruits that are harmful to people with the disease. For example, people with gastric ulcer, duodenal inflammation, and pancreatitis should not drink sour fruit like grapefruit, lemon, orange, apple, grape, and strawberry. Therefore, depending on the physical each person, you should the choice of fruit to match.

7 After peeling, do not leave the fruit too long

When the fruit is peeled, toned into small pieces or pressed into water should not be long because, by the longer the more you lose more vitamins and nutrients, the body will not absorb much from eating flowers. Fruit or juice has been processed too long.

8 Eating fruit and drinking fruit juice also needs time

We do not always eat fruit or drink the juice well and eating or drinking at the right time is very important to the body because it determines the absorption of precious nutrients in the fruit. For example, you should drink fruit juice in the morning will benefit the supply of vitamins for the body and skin; maintain physical strength throughout the day. Conversely, you do not drink fruit juice at night before going to bed because it will damage the kidneys and stomach.

9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit
9 Things to Pay Special Attention When Eating Fruit

Furthermore, we usually have a habit of eating dessert after the meal but in fact, it is the wrong habit. We should eat fruit one hour before meals are the best way for your body to absorb the best vitamins and substances in the fruit.

9 Fruit is not necessarily “benign”

We generally think that fruits are “benign” foods so they can not react when eaten with other foods. This is a very common mistake because of the fact that there are so many “hard” fruits; it is dark when eating the same vegetables or other foods. If we take the risk combined, not only that fruit does not work beautifully but also cause many harms to the body. Example:

– Do not eat cucumber along with fruits that contain more vitamin C because cucumber contains an enzyme that breaks down vitamin C, so if eaten with citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, Grapefruit, cherries. This enzyme will lose vitamin C just eaten into the body.

– Do not eat watermelon with other fruits, because watermelon can not be completely digested if used with any fruit.

-Do not drink cow’s milk before and after 1-hour eating tangerine because the protein in cow’s milk is tangerine will coagulate, making it difficult to digest and absorb.

-Don’t eat pink with sweet potatoes, potatoes…

Fruit is a precious gift of nature which will help you keep the natural beauty and durability. Pay attention to the characteristics of the fruit and listen to your body to avoid mistakes when eating and processing will help you enjoy the fruit safely and effectively.